Public Health Evidence Briefing 26-10-20

Another week, another FREE evidence briefing for those with an interest in public health. A digest of the main research, policy, analysis and news from the past week or so.

Highlights include:

  1. Sewage signals early warning of coronavirus outbreaks
  2. Millions of extra flu jabs available to support largest UK vaccination programme
  3. Mental Health of Children and Young People in the Pandemic
  4. Impact of insecure housing on children and young people
  5. Ethnic inequalities in Covid-19
  6. Health and wellbeing interventions in healthcare: a rapid evidence review
  7. Understanding the impact of Covid-19 on people who access care and support – a rapid evidence review with recommendations
  8. Understanding human behaviour: the case of physical activity
  9. How coronavirus has affected equality and human rights
  10. Delays and destitution: an audit of Doctors of the World’s Hospital Access Project
  11. Patients not passports: learning from the international struggle for universal healthcare
  12. The impact of Covid-19 to date on older people’s mental and physical health
  13. The impacts of volunteering on the subjective wellbeing of volunteers: a rapid evidence assessment
  14. Minds that matter: understanding mental health in later life

and SO much more …

Access the Briefing here

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