Public Health Evidence Briefing 23-11-20

Another week, another FREE evidence briefing for those with an interest in public health. A digest of the main research, policy, analysis and news from the past week or so.

Highlights include:

  1. Alcohol dependence and mental health
  2. DHSC announces expansion of Vivaldi study to test thousands more care home staff and residents for their immune response to coronavirus (COVID-19)
  3. Worldwide measles deaths climb 50% from 2016 to 2019 claiming over 207 500 lives in 2019
  4. Alcohol and cancer in the WHO European Region: an appeal for better prevention
  5. NAO: Investigation into government procurement during the COVID-19 pandemic
  6. The state of ageing in 2020
  7. Lessons learnt from councils’ response to rough sleeping during the COVID-19 pandemic
  8. How care homes managed infection prevention and control during the coronavirus pandemic 2020
  9. Hospital-acquired Covid-19

and SO much more …

Access the Briefing here

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