Public Health Evidence Briefing 15-03-21

Key research, analysis, policy and news from the last few days for those interested in public health are summarised for you in this briefing.

As well as key research, Briefing Highlights for this week include:

  1. Four more cases of Variant of Concern VOC-202101/02 (P.1) found in England
  2. COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy – debunking the myths using a community engagement approach underpinned by NICE guidance
  3. Future options for housing and care: improving housing that facilitates care and support for older people
  4. Public Accounts Committee report: COVID-19: Test, track and trace (part 1)
  5. Ten recommendations on better use of stats and data in a pandemic
  6. Local Government Finance in the Pandemic
  7. The impact of the challenges to the social care sector in 2020
  8. Seeking an anchor in an unstable world: experiences of low-income families over time
  9. The other pandemic: the impact of Covid-19 on Britain’s mental health
  10. Understanding vulnerability to online misinformation
  11. Health in all Policies – a local case study

and so much more …

Access the Briefing here

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