Public Health Evidence Briefing 05-10-20

Another week, another FREE evidence briefing for those with an interest in public health. A digest of the main research, policy, analysis and news from the past week or so.

Highlights include:

  1. Flu immunisation programme and COVID-19
  2. Adult obesity prevalence by National Statistics Socio-economic Classification
  3. National Genomic Healthcare Strategy: Genome UK: the future of healthcare
  4. Covid-19 and the nation’s mental health: October 2020
  5. Worst hit: dementia during coronavirus
  6. Cancer in the UK 2020: Socio-economic deprivation
  7. Covid-19 and English council funding: what is the medium-term outlook?
  8. Unequal impact? Coronavirus, disability and access to services: interim report on temporary provisions in the Coronavirus Act
  9. Ordinary and unique lives for adults with a learning disability and/or autism: a six steps approach
  10. Inquiry into the support available for young people who self-harm
  11. Childhood in the time of Covid
  12. Prevention in mental health: from theory to practice – virtual conference

 and SO much more …

Access the Briefing here

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