Public Health Evidence Briefing 01-03-21

Key research, analysis, policy and news from the last few days for those interested in public health are summarised for you in this briefing.

Highlights for this week include:

  1. Cases of Variant of Concern first detected in Manaus, Brazil identified in England
  2. SIREN study – First real-world UK data shows Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine provides high levels of protection from the first dose
  3. Physical activity: understanding and addressing inequalities
  4. Vaping in England: evidence update February 2021 from PHE
  5. Fewer than 1 in 5 university students had COVID-19 by end of autumn term
  6. Cabinet Office: Roadmap out of lockdown
  7. All households with children of school age to get 2 rapid COVID-19 tests per person per week
  8. Latest findings from REACT-2 antibody surveillance study published
  9. Guidance: Living Safely with Covid: Moving toward a Strategy for Sustainable Exit from the Pandemic
  10. Integrated care systems in London: challenges and opportunities ahead
  11. LGA/ADPH Annual Public Health Conference 2021: Rising to the challenge
  12. The Conservative governments’ record on social policy from May 2015 to pre-Covid 2020: policies, spending and outcomes

and so much more …

Access the Briefing here

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